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Project Management: Beverley Mason
Exhibition Curator: Katty Pearce
Exhibition Curator: Makeda Coaston
Installation Curator: Michael McMillan
Exhibition Assistant: Domenico Laneve
Exhibition Sound and Digital Art: Dubmorphology
Graphic Design: Crescent Lodge
Press: Aneela Rose PR
Marketing: Leanne O’Boyle (City of London)
Image & Media: London Metropolitan Archives
Conservation: London Metropolitan Archives and Guildhall Art Gallery
Exhibition Design and Build: Tom Scase and Paul Cousins
Registrar: Jeremy Johnson

As a voluntary organisation with no members of staff, we do benefit from the wider community of supporters - partners, trustees, volunteers, artists, heritage groups, and the many friends, new old and overseas whose paths we cross – and we reach out to express our deepest gratitude and joy that we could share the experience with you.


We give special thanks to the magnificent community of support we have in our volunteers, whose philanthropy, generosity and stamina is truly exceptional. These individuals, in particular, volunteered their skills for intense and lengthy periods: helping to deliver the extensive exhibition programme: Manjit Ahluwalia; Offiong Ani; Sarah Breen; Yves Boothe; Barbara Chandler; Juanita Cox; Shani Crawford; Angelica Ellis; Hannah Gormley; Anna Jarvis; Aisha Johnson; George Fowokan Kelly; Mary Kwaku; Anthea Longo, and Marcus McKenzie, Eddie Osei, Kai Rutlin; Catherine Tibbs; and Sharon Williams.  We were fortunate to recruit a team of talented heritage interns: Ana-Maria Andronic; Immaculata Abba; Layla Gatens; Jatinder Kailey; Aina Kumar and Madinah Farhannah Thompson. The annual Huntley conference intergenerational aims project was realised by the creativity and talent of our young Next Generation volunteers including, Tamar Clarke-Brown, Shani Crawford, Leah Gordon, Rhiannon Roberts, Keiron Westmaas and Deborah Williams.


We wish to thank the entire staff at City of London, London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) for their liberating support of our work for more than a decade, helmed by Richard Wiltshire, Maureen Roberts, Jan Pimblett (LMA) and her team in particular, and the teams at City of London, Guildhall Art Gallery, namely, Nick Bodger, Paul Cousins, Jeremy Johnson, Leanne O'Boyle, Katherine Pearce, Domenico Laneve, Sonia Solicari, Elizabeth Scott and Tom Scase. We are grateful to the grants team at our funders, the Heritage Lottery Fund, for their guidance, insights and direction: Anya Whitehead, Paula Wilkinson and the helpful mentor support of Katherine Hann.

FHALMA Board of Trustees, both past and present: Margaret Andrews, Denise Baptiste, Janet Browne, Margaret Busby, Noreen Dunn, Harry Goulbourne, Accabre Huntley, Donald Hinds, Eric Huntley, Trudy Mensah, Kube Neil Jones, Colin Prescod, Hans Rutlin, Clyde Williams, Keith Waithe. Committee members: Chauncey Huntley, Anne Johnson, Errol Lloyd, Marge Lowhar, Senzeni Lawla, Aislin Mageean, Kimani Nehusi, Ewart Thomas, Makeda Wall, Mervyn Weir and Sharon Williams.


We are appreciative of the project consultants whose enthusiasm for the themes of the exhibition increased the quality of the impact from visitors and helped to inform and extend the exhibition legacy. Thanks to Kadija George who with her enormously warm faculty helped devise, plan and organise many of the public events, and Nigel Allyson Ryan who chaired the once-in-a-lifetime Black Arts Forum; Michael Ohajuru (evaluation), Terry Adams (legacy evaluation), Kwame Asiedu, Vivienne Isebor and Rachel Thomas (education/schools programme); Lynda Brockbank, Crescent Lodge, for the striking exhibition branding and design; Aneela Rose; Francesca Collin; Stewart Hicks (PR and marketing); Ijeoma Uzoukwu (designer) and Elsie Cullen (website) and thanks to Tola Dabiri, the development project manager who guided the teams through the funding and project development process.



A unique combination of art, activism and archives informed the No Colour Bar exhibition, authored by the Friends of the Huntley Archives at LMA (FHALMA). We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of all the artists and their lenders that made it possible.

The exhibition would not have been possible without the steadfast determination of Jessica and Eric Huntley, the support of the Huntley family, the long-term advocacy of friends in the community, Errol Lloyd, Margaret Andrews, FHALMA’s founding chair, Colin Prescod and Margaret Busby, Trustees, together with the leadership at LMA, to Maureen Roberts and Richard Wiltshire, whose energy and drive fuelled the crucial stages in the development of the project. We are indebted to our talented curators, Makeda Coaston, Michael McMillan, Katherine Pearce (Guildhall Art Gallery), Gary Stewart and Trevor Mathison (Dubmorphology), whose unstinting commitment to discovering original ways to communicate the story of the shaping of Black Britain and to extending their creative contributions beyond the brief enriched the scope of the exhibition and the programme as a whole. We give thanks to Paul Dash and Paul Goodwin, whose expert advice greatly aided our conversations about the curatorial process and decision-making.


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