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The stunning interactive Walter Rodney Bookshop installation became a celebratory focal point, recreating a live communal space where visitors were persuaded to linger, sit around and talk to new friends, as well as learn about the abundant contributions made by leading artistic and literary figures. A central giant table, decked with an educational art display, mapped out London-based Black bookshops and served as the setting for 'reconstructing' a space for the radical political activities of the Huntleys and those in their circle. John Singleton Copley's The Defeat of the Floating Batteries at Gibraltar is, the Guildhall's curators believe, the biggest oil on canvas on display in the UK. In a first-time coup, the No Colour Bar curators built a screen installation that covered up the City of London’s beloved historical painting and projected digital images of archives objects, posters, photos with the intention of illuminating the struggles of Black people in Britain.

Walter Rodney Bookshop

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