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7th July 2015:


Private view of No Colour Bar: Black British Art In Action 1960-1990 with a live performance by Keith Waite.


Forum Framing Black Visual Arts with Eddie Chambers and Errol Lloyd. Chaired by Sonia Dyer.


Summer college: No Colour Bar education programme comprising practical workshops and artistic talks.


No Colour Bar special on Colourful FM featuring Chila Kumari Burman, Fowokan, Denzil Forrester and Tam Joseph.


Creative talks with FOWOKAN about the Huntleys, his art and No Colour Bar at Guildhall Art Gallery.


Curator’s talks with Guildhall Special Exhibition Projects team.


Artist talks: Donald Hinds at Guildhall Art Gallery.


Documentary on Dr Walter Rodney “In The Sky’s Wild Noise” at LMA Film Club.


Artist talks: Dr Margaret Andrews at Guildhall Art Gallery.


African Odysseys in partnership with BFI Southbank Canvas and Sand featured Imruh Bakari’s film Mark of the Hand about Aubrey Williams and the iconic Walking Drawings Across the Estuaries by Evewright. Followed by panel with Gaylene Gould.


Groundings: Readings from the Walter Rodney Bookshop, a seminar at the Guildhall Art Gallery.


Mountain High: Archive Deep, 10th Annual Huntley Conference. Invited guests included celebrated artists Sonia Boyce and Larry Achiampong.


Research Lab: Curating No Colour Bar, a seminar with Dr Michael McMillan, Makeda Coaston & Errol Lloyd.


Acts of Rebellion Act 2: Beverley Mason with visual artist Kimanthi Donkor and Actor Writer Paterson Joseph.


Curator’s talks with Dr Michael McMillan.


Curator’s talks with Katty Pearce.


Family Day: Curating Black Narratives.


Curator’s talks with Katty Pearce.


Artist talks: Denzil Forrester in the Basinghall Suite.


Curators Round Table with Dr Michael McMillan, Katty Pearce, led by co-curator Makeda Coaston.


Dubmorphology rap party ft. Walking Drawings Across the Estuaries by Evewright, plus special guests Makeda Coaston, Keith Waithe, Michelle Yaa, John Agard, Ras Prince and more…


Curator’s talks with Dr Michael McMillan in the Walter Rodney Bookshop.

Black men roundtable: Sound Familiar? Identity and heritage with Beverley Mason + Marcus McKenzie in the Basinghall Suite.


Final day Bookshop Facebook Meetup: ‘doing nothing is not an option’ with Beverley Mason

Publishing & Literary Archives: Cutting through White Noise, Q&A with Shani Crawford, Eric Huntley, Margaret Busby, Margaret Andrews and Donald Hinds.

Black Cultural Archives

Connecting Black Archives & Black Bookshops workshop with curator Michael McMillan

Hackney Museum

Vision, Voice & Power – Black Women Artists in Britain, Makeda Coaston chaired the session as Marlene Smith, artist, researcher and curator of the Black Art & Modernism initiative led the panel, joined by Claudette Johnson and Sokari Douglas Camp CBE.

Black Cultural Archives


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