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No Colour Bar’s ‘Oral History’ project captures thought-provoking stories behind some of the artists that appeared in the exhibition, whilst contributing to the Huntley Archives collection at LMA.


By capturing the vivacious words, opinions and messages directly from the artists, the ‘Oral History’ project educates and informs young people about the contributions of Black and ethnic minority artists and cultural practitioners in an engaging and accessible way. It’s our hope that these exciting conversations can help to also inspire future generations, as the artists detail the struggles they have faced, overcome and continue to face in the path to become successful, and offer words of wisdom to those pursuing a career in the arts.


Vignettes of the interviews with the artists, as well as transcripts and a summary article are available on this website - please do take a look! 


Finally, with great thanks from us, the ‘Oral History’ project is primely led by our volunteers, who have conducted interviews, recorded footage and undertaken project management in the process, gaining useful skills. The work done by our volunteers means that eventually the Huntley Archive will have a Black British artists’ oral history collection, an invaluable resource for generations to come.


We will continue to invite volunteers to undertake interviews with more artists. See our get involved page for more details.

Oral History

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