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Items from the Huntley Collection feature works by: 


Firdous Ali

Valerie Bloom

Lennox Carty

Faustin Charles

Lena Charles

Bernard Coard

Phyllis Coard

Edward Cohen

Rudy Collins

Myvanwy Evans

Tom Feelings

John Freeman

Johan Galtung

Stanley Greaves

Shirley Grottes

Kim Harley

Ras Daniel Heartman

Frank Hasfal

Althea Helps

Una Howe

Accabre Huntley

Eric Huntley

Jessica Huntley

Carl Hylton

Linton Kwesi Johnson

Audvil King

Eusi Kwayana

Richard Lannoy

Errol Lewis

Lisa Levi

Jerome Liebling

Pauline Milliner

Peter Nazareth

Earl Neish

Maggie Nightingale

Peter O’Brien

Samuel Agonda Ochola

Turu Pomel

Stephen Porter

Roy Preiswerk

Walter Rodney

Robert A. Rogers

Hans Rutlin

Andrew Salkey

Tony Sealy

Julian Stapleton

Odette Thomas

Carl Tulloch

Mervyn Weir

Pam Wint

Dahlia Ziegler

The Artists’ Profiles

The exhibition partners – Friends of the Huntley Archives at LMA, Guildhall Art Gallery and London Metropolitan Archives – would like to thank all artists and contributors without whom this exhibition would not have been possible. To find out more about the exhibiting artists, please visit their websites:

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