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Friends of the Huntley Archives at LMA (FHALMA) promotes the heritage of the Caribbean
and African Diaspora in the UK, for the benefit of the general public, by supporting and
delivering programmes of educational and community archive-animation projects -
programmes of curated activities around conservation and accession of Black British
archives, arts and heritage, including principally the Huntley Archives which are deposited at
the London Metropolitan Archives.

Getting behind the Next Generation
It’s a clear plan: we want to give more young people the chance to attend the inspiring
annual Huntley conferences and for that we need your support. Help us create positive life
chances to inspire young people to lead them to discovering a world of creative
opportunities through the amazing narratives and Black role models found in the Huntley
Archives. We are asking for donations to raise funds to produce the next Annual Huntley
Conference. Please donate to our Fund and you will help us to reach communities where
the cost to attend is a real barrier. To get a feel for the event, please read about 12th Annual

Huntley Conference:

FHALMA became a charitable trust in 2013, with the aim of promoting the heritage of the
Caribbean and African Diaspora by supporting education and community projects from the
materials found in the Huntley Collections. Conserved and housed at the London
Metropolitan Archives, (LMA) Jessica and Eric Huntley deposited their Archives in 2005.
One of FHALMA’s key goals is to further the work of London Metropolitan Archives to make
the Huntley Collection available to as wide an audience as possible. You can read more
about our work here.

Since 2006 the annual Huntley conference has filled the gap created by a discriminatory
society, by opening up discussions,  stories and ideas that helped shaped contemporary
Black British culture – those lessons about struggles and social change missing from the
classrooms and the media. By sharing those important and powerful narratives of political
activism and cultural development that resonate and respond to experiences and
aspirations, the Huntley conferences inspire inter generational audiences to confidently
explore issues around Black identity and heritage.

2018 will see the next “edition” of a significant journey started by Eric and Jessica Huntley.
But we need your financial support.

We need your help to ensure that annual Huntley conferences can continue. If support for
this much respected and important platform is not found now, we may not be able to
produce the next conference.
It’s a matter of urgency. We need your financial support to guarantee that the event can
take place.  Please support us by booking your tickets online to secure the seats and share
this by Donating now. Thank you



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